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15-Minute Non-surgical Eyelift

The upper eyelids often require special attention, their shape and the absence or presence of an eyelid crease can determine the appeal and attraction of not only our eyes, but our entire face. Poorly shaped upper eyelids can give us the appearance of looking older, tired and sleepy.

Although a lot of the problems with the upper eyelids can only be treated through plastic surgery, at TWC, we are able to offer a few non –surgical options for patients who dread going under the knife.
The 15-minute non-surgical eyelift can combine a number of non-surgical techniques to address problems such as poorly defined or absent double eyelids, loose skin, hooding of the outer eyelid skin, and lack of arch in the eyebrows.

If any of these problems are troubling you and you would like to explore non-surgical procedures first rather than go under the knife, contact us or give us a call at +6568873073 for an appointment.