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Acculift™ Laser Facelift 


The AccuLift™ procedure is an exciting new facial contouring treatment developed to meet the needs of patients seeking significant results with minimal downtime for problem facial areas such as the cheeks, jowls, and under the chin. The effects of gravity cause fat deposits to migrate downward in the face over time.

This 30 minute procedure is considered as one of the best alternatives to traditional or surgical face lifts, as it requires no incisions, less recovery time and most importantly, less money. The AccuLift is performed with a narrow fiber optic laser that is passed under the skin which heats and tightens the skin with lasting results.

With its lasting results, brief treatments and limited downtime, the AccuLift™ procedure is a much better option than other facial contouring treatments.

This treatment can be given to anybody from any age group that wants to remove sagging skin, folds, and lines, as well as to people who want to improve the eye area and cheeks.

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