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Affirm™ Laser 15 Min Facelift 

The Cynosure-manufactured Affirm™ procedure is a very effective method of tightening the skin of the face, jaw line, neck, and other body areas.

The skin is treated with two special wavelengths of light and is aesthetically comfortable.

Treatment can be completed in about 15-30 minutes with minimal downtime.

The Affirm™ laser utilizes the newest fractional laser technology to deliver total skin rejuvenation. It is now proving to be the gold standard in the cosmetic laser dermatology market. We are able to help our patients reduce wrinkles, treat scars, and improve overall skin texture, pigmentation, and redness with virtually no downtime. It’s so advanced that we can now offer our patients a complete skin rejuvenation solution that is better and faster than anything else available.