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Elite™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation System  

The New Elite™ Laser: Combined Power of Two Lasers in One

A new innovation in laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal is now on the market, the Elite™ Aesthetic Workstation by Cynosure. This device combines the proven effectiveness of the 1064 & 755 nm lasers for rejuvenating dull skin and removing unwanted hair. Cynosure remarks that the "Elite Aesthetic Workstation is the most comprehensive laser system available today."

Greater Flexibility and Capability

The Elite™ allows a physician the flexibility of removing unwanted hair from a lighter skinned patient with the 755nm laser, while safely treating a darker-skinned patient with the 1064nm laser, with the same device.

In addition to the removal of unwanted hair, the Elite is also effective at skin rejuvenation and pore reduction, removing facial and leg veins as well as pigmented lesions.

More Bang for Your Buck

The Elite's combined technology can target unwanted hair, age spots, and facial or leg veins, all during the same treatment session. This means fewer trips to your physician's office and more bang for your cosmetic buck. By delivering multiple positive treatment outcomes, patients are able to have a faster and more pleasant experience.

More About Cynosure

Cynosure is one of the world's leading developers of light-based aesthetic medical systems. Their products are used in over 60 countries for diverse applications such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, skin texture, and vascular conditions. Founded in 1991, Cynosure has since made a name for itself as a leader in developing new advances in laser medicine and holds 37 patents for a variety of technologies.