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Double Chin

Whether it's the result of excess fat deposits or loosening skin, no one wants to look in the mirror and see the dreaded double chin.

And yet a double chin - the loose sagging skin and fat accumulation under the jawline that suggests both age and heaviness - can happen on any face. After all, it's not an area anyone has found a way to exercise, because there are no muscles to tone under the chin. Diet and exercise don't usually help because unlike fat on other parts of the body, double-chins don't necessarily come from being overweight.

Today, a variety of advancements in laser and radiofrequency technology allow targeted treatment of the chin area like never before. Lasers and other body sculpting treatments can melt away fat and tighten up the skin in this area - giving you the well-defined profile you want and making you look younger, healthier and fitter.

The chin area can be effectively treated with a minimally-invasive procedure that may be performed in as little as 20-30 minutes. A combination of high intensity focused radiofrequency and small fibreoptic laser, introduced under the skin through a needle entry point precisely targets the smaller volumes of excess fat and skin in the area, both breaking up the fat and tightening the loose skin.

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