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Eyelash Growth  

Everyone knows that long, full, thick lashes are beautiful, alluring, and sexy. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to grow them naturally. Fortunately, however, there is a product available to help stimulate lash growth as well as aid in the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes

How Do Eyelash Growth Products Work?

Eyelashes can, and do, grow back naturally, depending on how they were lost. If they fell out naturally, they will grow back naturally. However, the natural length of time is somewhere between four and eight weeks – which is a long time, and the results are very gradual.

So you want to speed up that process. With our eyelash growth product, expect the results to be visible within 3 weeks with the fullest, most complete results by the end of 12 weeks. Eyelash growth products do work and here’s how.


• Key Ingredients to Condition or Stimulate Growth:
• Compounds of prostaglandin analogs
• Vitamins
• Proteins
• Growth factors
• Application


Application is similar to eyeliner – not mascara! If the product is offering a brush wand for your lashes, it is the wrong product for you. You want one that is applied like a liner. This is because the product needs to be applied to the roots of the lashes where the growth originates, not the lashes themselves. The products stimulate the hair follicles in the roots.


Possible side effects may include itching, redness and irritation. However, these should NOT occur. If they do, discontinue use immediately. Mild irritation is possible but should not persist.


Most people nowadays think that fuller eyelashes is an attractive look. Having beautiful lashes can compliment your eyes and face and really boost your self-esteem. Using eyelash growth products can go a long way to make you look and feel your most beautiful.


More information on our eyelash growth product is available in the TWC Skincare section.