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Forever Clear Acne Treatment 

What is acne?

Acne is a condition resulting from a number of factors including excessive oil production from the oil glands in the skin, plugging of the pores, and the inflammatory action of skin bacteria. The resulting problems include blackheads and whiteheads, pimples, pustules and cysts which may result in permanent scarring.

What treatments are available to treat acne?

Chronic relapsing acne cyst formation and breakouts are perennial problems for many patients that often start in their teens and continues to haunt them into adulthood. Thousands of patients have been prescribed long-term antibiotics in an effort to control the problem, with a little temporary success, but more often in exchange for a host of side-effects as well as potentially harmful effects on health in the long term. So, what is the solution?

At The Wellness Clinic, we now have a unique Forever Clear treatment protocol that can provide a long term solution for recurrent, cystic acne, by tackling the fundamental cause of the problem head on.

Overactive sebaceous glands are targeted using a special insulated microneedle electrothermolysis device that allows us to target the oil glands without damaging the surface of the skin. Through a painstaking process of treating every single acne cyst individually, we achieve precise destruction of hyperactive oil glands. This reduces the production of sebum, which is a medium for bacteria growth.

Destruction of the acne cysts is immediately followed by treatment with the Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL™). The shorter wavelengths of BBL™, in the blue-light spectrum, attack p-acne bacteria on the surface and in the sebaceous gland.

By targeting hyperactive oil glands and acne-causing bacteria at the same time, we can provide patients with stubborn, relapsing acne with an effective, long term solution.

If you have been suffering from chronic relapsing acne, then this may be the answer to your skin problem.

Contact us for an appointment with Dr Ram if you would like to know more about our unique Forever Clear treatment protocol for acne.