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i-Lipo Laser Fat Reduction 

The intelligent alternative to liposuction with no needles!

i-lipo is the latest in laser lipolysis, offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time. i-lipo has just won “Best Slimming treatment” award at “Les Victoires de la beauté” and recently granted clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How does it work?

The i-lipo uses a low level of visible laser light to stimulate the body’s natural processes that empty the stored fat contents inside fat cells.

The laser light gently absorbs into the individual fat cells in the treatment area, temporary opening pores in the cell wall through which the cell contents can escape. This does not affect the neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves.

The contents of the fat cells are released into the interstitial space, where they are collected by the lymphatic system, and transported to the areas of the body where they can be metabolized into energy during exercise. This metabolism of the contents permanently removes them from the body, leaving smaller fat cells and giving you inch loss. Light exercise post treatment can accelerate the breakdown and removal of fat from the area.

The i-lipo course can be performed on calfs, knees, thigh, buttocks, stomach, arms and even small areas such as double chin. The i-lipo system is currently the only system that has 4 treatment pads and is able to treat 2 small areas at once or give you a quicker treatment time. You will be in the clinic for approximately 30-45 minutes

By positioning the laser pads on the target area fat can be broken down and removed specifically from that area. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.