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Non Surgical Chubby Cheeks Reduction

While chubby cheeks may have been adorable as a child, many people find them less attractive as they get older. In fact, many adults dealing with excess facial fat feel very self-conscious about their appearance. Chipmunk cheeks—as they are humorously referred to—occur when the pads of fat in the lower part of the cheek augment the face, almost as if a person has a mouth full of nuts (hence the nickname). Most cases are not that extreme, but even the slightest protrusion of cheek fat can cause concern. For those looking for a more defined, chiseled face, our Cheek Fat Reduction procedure may be the answer.

Most people have a layer of fat in their cheeks that naturally reduces with age, but for those who are overweight or have a genetic predisposition to chubby cheeks, cheek reduction procedures are a great way to get rid of unwanted facial fat. Reduction of the fat pads in the cheek reduces the size of cheeks, slimming and contouring the face. This relatively quick and simple procedure can enhance a person’s appearance and boost their self-esteem.

After undergoing Cheek Fat Reduction, patients will notice a difference in the overall look of their face. It will appear more defined and slim, accentuating the cheekbones and chin. The reductionl of cheek fat often makes people look more mature and boosts confidence. Also, non-surgical chubby cheek reduction is considered to be safer and more effective than liposuction surgery.

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