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Soft Lift™  

What is Soft Lift™ ?

It is a revolutionary approach to obtaining fast amazing results in restoring that youthful look.

No longer do you even have to contemplate surgical procedures to regain a youthful and fresh appearance. At The Wellness Clinic, Dr. Ram Nath has carried out many Soft Lift™ procedures on people who want an immediate non-invasive way to shed years from their appearance

The Soft Lift™ is designed to treat the multiple signs of aging in one treatment, with instant results.

Combining the use of Juvederm® and Botox® with a specialized technique, the Soft Lift™ represents a non-surgical approach to total rejuvenation. Expression lines are eased; wrinkles and folds are plumped from within; thinning skin or hollow depressions are volumized; and advanced placement technique visually ‘lifts’ sagging skin. A total makeover for aging skin that is often achieved in only one treatment session. The skin appears refreshed and natural with improved tone and elasticity as you rediscover the improved contours of your younger self.

The three D’s of aging:

• Deterioration: Fine Lines, wrinkles and texture change
• Descent: Droopiness or sagging skin
• Deflation: Loss of fullness or volume


• Fine lines are eased
• Wrinkles and folds are filled
• Thinning skin is plumped
• Sagging features are lifted
• Facial contours are redefined
• Collagen is replenished
• The stimulation of collagen provides additional benefits such as increased moisture, elasticity and suppleness; qualities naturally inherent in young skins.
Treatable Conditions

• Brow lift
• Forehead lines
• Hollows below the eyes
• Frown lines
• Crow’s feet
• Cheek volume loss
• Smile lines
• Smoker’s lines
• Lip volume loss
• Marionette lines (corners of mouth)
• Loss of firmness in the jawline
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