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Volume Enhancement Lift (Liquid Facelift)  

Young skin is healthy and plump, accentuating our facial features and contours. As we age, lines and wrinkles become more visible and we lose facial volume. As we lose volume; hollows appear which can make us appear tired and gaunt.

The Volume Enhancement Lift is designed to address all of the signs of aging on our faces. Due to this advanced volume-enhancing technique, filler is positioned in such a manner that an overall lift-effect is achieved. The skin is plumped, and the lines, wrinkles, and unflattering hollows that accentuate the look of age are filled in. Brows are raised, improving the eye area, and the facial contours are more defined – giving us back the light-reflective, flattering quality apparent in younger skins.

The Volume Enhancement Lift bridges the gap between what was possible with fillers in the past. It provides total facial rejuvenation with immediately visible results.


Lasting Ability

The overall effect of the Volume Enhancement Lift can last up to one year. Certain areas which are more mobile (such as the mouth and lips) may require an occasional touch-up. Dr. Ram will determine which filler (or combination) will provide the most effective results for your individual rejuvenation needs.

Treatable Signs of Aging

• Brow lines & furrows
• Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)
• Marionette Lines (down turned corners of the mouth)
• Vertical lip lines
• Lip Volume enhancement
• Jowls
• Cheek & Chin Volume
• Facial Contouring

For pictures, please visit our clinic for in-house pictures demonstrating what can be achieved with the Volume Enhancement Lift.